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  • Hello and Welcome!

    Come on in... here you’ll find bits and bobs about us, The Larmours, our life, where we live, what we do, and most of all, about our biggest shared family passion – our travels. This is a record for us, a place for us to share pictures and ramblings on what we’ve done and where we’ve been, but you’ll find occasional blethering about other things too.

    We met in Hong Kong, and since then have lived and worked all over Asia before settling in China, where our Saffy arrived and now being based in the UAE where Indy joined us. Since we met we’ve travelled – since we married we’ve been on an adventure – since we had kids it hasn’t stopped… ultimatey, all our small travels are preparation for the big one – that one day we hope to take – a gap year, a sabbatical, a break from the daily grind – who knows where or when it’ll happen, but in the meantime we’re enjoying practicing with lots of smaller adventures…

    Grab a cup of tea and come exploring with us,
    Kirsty, Tommy, Saffy and Indy xxxx

A Letter – we’re ready to go!

We’re ready to go! Off on the big adventure we’ve talked about – the one all the other trips have been preparing for! We had a chance and we grabbed it… our stuff is going into storage – or at least what’s left of it – we’ve sold a lot and given a lot away and have ended up with less than when we moved to the UAE 6 1/2 years ago!!! Not bad!! We’re heading first to the USA for Kirsty to do some work as we go, and then Cuba, and then…. watch this space, the wheels of our long planned epic road trip are hopefully in motion….

For now though here’s our 2 little explorers on an adventure closer to home…Liwa-Castle-Abu-Dhabi-01

I’d love to say I’ll update from our travels, but lets be realistic, I’ll probably be too busy enjoying them and soaking every moment up… you can follow them on instagram though as that’s usually my social media of choice these days, or maybe on our FB page (link over there —>) and I’m sure some pictures will feature on my biz blog www.kirstylarmourblog.com (I’ll also be doing photo shoots along the way if you’re interested) and maybe over on Clickin Mom’s Daily Project

Until next time, somewhere in the world…. Kirsty xx


Yay!!!! I can’t wait to see – please post pics sometimes :D


So excited for you!!!!!!!! this is HUUUUGE!!!!!


Following you on IG and loving seeing your travels – always amazing

Letter from Holi, part 2

OK, so here’s part 2 of the letter from Holi – we went there to experience it and enjoy it, but with 2 small kids I admit we did it a little bit “Holi-lite”.  You see all the amazing pictures of colour in the air and huge crowds at the big temples, but crowds like that could be overwhelming, not to mention that  it’s known that over excited people, who also get intoxicated, tend to get a little “feely”. We went there to have fun and to enjoy some of the spirit of the festival, not to feel uncomfortable! So we stayed low key and just ventured out and about around the neighbourhood of our guesthouse, where we met plenty of excitable people and we got invited into peoples small scale celebrations before letting the girls have some fun of their own… and fun it definitely WAS!!!!

Here are some pics, but keep scrolling for a fun little video of our Holi celebrations too…

The girls started off in lovely white dresses that our friend Courtney from Courtneycourtney sent them – just for this very reason – what a star she is (they were later left at the laundry to be cleaned and donated to some street children) Larmour---Holi-India-06Some of their first colour – some gained from meeting people in the street, and some self inflicted (as you’ll see in the video!)Larmour---Holi-India-07getting into the spirit of colour throwing!!! Larmour---Holi-India-08Anyone who knows out Indy knows she is the ultimate rainbow girl – she LOVES bright colours and is all about rainbow clothing – she also has a feisty little temper on her – after the day was over, she refused to let us wash her hair, and her hair remained somewhat rainbow coloured for the next month or so!!!! It made for a cheap souvenir of our travels:DLarmour---Holi-India-09Larmour---Holi-India-010Larmour---Holi-India-011Larmour---Holi-India-012And after having fun on the streets and out and about we then we let the girls let loose and have some fun of their own…. they went and bought the colours they wanted from a guy on the street (pic posted yesterday) and then played Holi, as the Indians say!! Larmour---Holi-India-013And here’s the video…. my first attempt at doing video/photos into a film and despite it’s technical flaws I LOVE it!!!! This contains lots more pictures of the fun because there was no way i could put them all into a blog post!!!!

The Larmours – Holi 2013 from Kirsty Larmour on Vimeo.


When we got back to our guesthouse they hosed us off before letting us in:DI’m honestly not surprised!!!! Larmour---Holi-India-017

I think I will treasure these memories and photos for as long as I live – I’d always wanted to go to Holi and to go with my girls and see them embrace it and have so much fun was really amazing – in fact our whole trip to India was amazing, as they always are and I’m always delighted to see them drink in the differences and the vibrancy and to question things that are different to our lives – I hope to be back to share more pictures from our trip soon, until then Happy Holi 2014 from the Larmours xxxx

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