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  • Hello and Welcome!

    Come on in... here you’ll find bits and bobs about us, The Larmours, our life, where we live, what we do, and most of all, about our biggest shared family passion – our travels. This is a record for us, a place for us to share pictures and ramblings on what we’ve done and where we’ve been, but you’ll find occasional blethering about other things too.

    We met in Hong Kong, and since then have lived and worked all over Asia before settling in China, where our Saffy arrived and then moving to the UAE where Indy joined us. Since we met we’ve travelled – since we married we’ve been on an adventure – since we had kids it hasn’t stopped… ultimately, all our small travels were preparation for the big one – that one day we hoped to take – a gap year, a sabbatical, a break from the daily grind – and starting 2014 we took off on it..... across the world, and then on a road trip that has taken us to three continents so far.....

    Grab a cup of tea and come exploring with us,
    Kirsty, Tommy, Saffy and Indy xxxx

A letter on the Overlanding Podcast

Are you planning your next trip? I could talk about travel all day long so I’m sharing this interview I recently did!!!
I was contacted by The Overlanding Podcast to chat with them about the time we drove a 60,000km road trip from Abu Dhabi to Ireland and back a couple of years ago?  So many people tell me they’d love to take a year out, so if you’ve ever wondered about taking a big trip with the kids you’ll get to hear all about just how we did it:D
I’ve not listened yet cos I’m sure I’ll curl up cringing at the sound of my own voice, but if you do listen in please feel free to drop me any questions or feedback you have – and listen to some of their other podcasts because they’re truly inspirational travellers, not just regular people winging it with their kids like us!!;)  

The Larmour Family on the Overlanding Podcast

Follow THIS LINK to listen

Let me know what you think!!! And as always feel free to drop me a line with any questions you have about overlanding or travelling on big trips with kids, Kirsty xx

Edward Acuña

Awesome travels!!

Dance video from the Epic Rail Trip!

As we travelled this summer the girls had the idea to record every station we visited – in the form of a dance video;)Over 13,500km later this is it – every station we stopped at from Hong Kong to Manchester! <3

Larmours Stations across the world from Kirsty Larmour on Vimeo.

2 months | 14 nights on sleeper trains | 2 nights on planes | 9 countries | absolutely no idea how many stations!!!

And here’s a link to the map showing just where we went along the way:D  MAP OF THE EPIC RAIL TRIP

Enjoy the  video – the girls are most proud of their little summer project

Kirsty xx


What an inspirational video! Thanks girls for having such a fabulous idea and going for it!

Ahhh I love it! so fun! you guys are my fav traveling family!

Your video was great. Your video was fantastic too. We’re going to do a train trip next year. I hope you will have a great year. And you are really sweet. From Reuben.

A note about the Summer 2016 Rail Trip

So, in the summer of 2016 we took a different kind of overlanding trip…. The Epic RAIL trip – I’d love to say I’ll blog it, but seriously, don’t hold your breath since I’ve yet to blog our Epic Road Trip!!

This trip took us over 13,500km (8,500 miles) by rail from Hong Kong to Manchester in England – via the Trans Siberian Railway (via Mongolia) and we spent 2 months on the journey – Kirsty and the girls spending a month in China, before Tommy joined us in Beijing to travel to England with us (he then headed back to Abu Dhabi a few days before us and we spent time with family in England)Epic Rail Trip

It was fabulous, and exhausting, and uplifting, and frustrating, and crazy hot, and wintery cold, and delicious and gross, and pretty much every kind of emotion you could experience on one trip!! And of course we loved it (not every single minute, but in general!!)

Here’s a map of our route – I’ll be posting a video of the route soon so watch out for that too:D


Until then, Kirsty xx

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I would love love love to talk to you. Dream of doing the same other way i 2018

Oohh what a great adventure!i have been dreaming about doing the transiberian for a long time. I think I will wait until my kids are a old are yours so we can all enjoy it.


Feel free to drop me a message :D