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Letter from the UAE desert

Originally posted here on www.kirstylarmourblog.com We love living right on the edge of the desert. Our winters are taken up with trips out for BBQs and the occasional camp out, and Saffy even asked for her birthday party out there this year… it’s just the most stunning scenery…. I’d been wanting to do a shoot […]

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At the Temple – Chennai, India

Sometimes when we travel I work too – it’s kind of fun to work with what’s thrown at you and to think on the fly. It also challenges my photography as I want to capture the kids really enjoying the environment, yet also showing off what I’ve been tasked to photograph – the next two […]

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Merry Christmas from the Larmours

Merry Christmas from us all…. Yet again I had to resort to doing our Christmas cards on the self timer – but we had a lot of fun doing them… here are just a few of the results and a pretty amusing video showing the making of it all…. Hope you enjoyed – have a […]

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