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Dance video from the Epic Rail Trip!

As we travelled this summer the girls had the idea to record every station we visited – in the form of a dance video 😉 Over 13,500km later this is it – every station we stopped at from Hong Kong to Manchester! <3

Larmours Stations across the world from Kirsty Larmour on Vimeo.

2 months | 14 nights on sleeper trains | 2 nights on planes | 9 countries | absolutely no idea how many stations!!!

And here’s a link to the map showing just where we went along the way 😀   MAP OF THE EPIC RAIL TRIP

Enjoy the  video – the girls are most proud of their little summer project

Kirsty xx

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What an inspirational video! Thanks girls for having such a fabulous idea and going for it!

Ahhh I love it! so fun! you guys are my fav traveling family!

Your video was great. Your video was fantastic too. We’re going to do a train trip next year. I hope you will have a great year. And you are really sweet. From Reuben.

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