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A note about the Summer 2016 Rail Trip

So, in the summer of 2016 we took a different kind of overlanding trip…. The Epic RAIL trip – I’d love to say I’ll blog it, but seriously, don’t hold your breath since I’ve yet to blog our Epic Road Trip!!

This trip took us over 13,500km (8,500 miles) by rail from Hong Kong to Manchester in England – via the Trans Siberian Railway (via Mongolia) and we spent 2 months on the journey – Kirsty and the girls spending a month in China, before Tommy joined us in Beijing to travel to England with us (he then headed back to Abu Dhabi a few days before us and we spent time with family in England)Epic Rail Trip

It was fabulous, and exhausting, and uplifting, and frustrating, and crazy hot, and wintery cold, and delicious and gross, and pretty much every kind of emotion you could experience on one trip!! And of course we loved it (not every single minute, but in general!!)

Here’s a map of our route – I’ll be posting a video of the route soon so watch out for that too 😀


Until then, Kirsty xx

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I would love love love to talk to you. Dream of doing the same other way i 2018

Oohh what a great adventure!i have been dreaming about doing the transiberian for a long time. I think I will wait until my kids are a old are yours so we can all enjoy it.


Feel free to drop me a message 😀

What a fantastic trip! you must have so many memories from it! And great photos too!

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