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The Epic Road Trip – Our Route!

So finally I’ve managed to plot a map for the whole road trip! (Including a couple of flights to renew visas in Abu Dhabi and the side trip to Tanzania) I wish I could plot it totally accurately following the roads and routes we took, but I’ve done my best! And it roughly covers it – with a list of places visited along the way below (and some we didn’t visit, but I added to try and keep the route as accurate as possible 😉 )

When you look at it like this it looks like we covered such a tiny part of the world!!! But it felt huge at the time 😀

Enjoy following our route,
Kirsty xx

PS And if you want to see where else we’ve been on other trips – pop over to the “Where we’ve been” Page!

So, finally, I’ve managed to plor S

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