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Letter to my Daughters: July 2012

This letter is part of a photography project I’m undertaking on my photo blog with an amazing set of ladies from around the world – each month we write a letter to our daughters sharing our hopes and fears and dreams and stories – I wanted to share this one over here on our family […]

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At the Temple – Chennai, India

Sometimes when we travel I work too – it’s kind of fun to work with what’s thrown at you and to think on the fly. It also challenges my photography as I want to capture the kids really enjoying the environment, yet also showing off what I’ve been tasked to photograph – the next two […]

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Letter from China – part 1

This is a long one – grab a coffee!!!! One of my favourite travels EVER (oh my, what am I saying – I pretty much love all our travels!!!) (again, coped from our old site so formatting/fonts etc are a bit wonky – but readable all the same I hope!) 我们的再见中国旅行        After 2 […]

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