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At the Temple – Chennai, India

Sometimes when we travel I work too – it’s kind of fun to work with what’s thrown at you and to think on the fly. It also challenges my photography as I want to capture the kids really enjoying the environment, yet also showing off what I’ve been tasked to photograph – the next two posts were originally posted on my work blog at www.kirstylarmourblog.com as they were work assignments but I love both sets for different reasons, and they’re the kids on our travels so I’m sharing them here too 🙂

I mentioned in my January Project 10 (a photography project I’m involved in this year) that we’d just come back from India. We spent a couple of days in Chennai, a wonderful, vibrant city in the south, before we headed over to the amazing Andaman Islands. I feel so lucky that my kids have taken to travelling so incredibly well, that they’re fascinated by the things they see and hear and smell and eat and that they approach it all with enthusiasm and interest – it makes taking them places and travelling so much easier, not to mention more fun!! 

We visited a Hindu temple in Chennai, and the girls loved the colours and the statues of the Gods, and the space, and the fact that there were lots of cows hanging around….

And I loved that Indy had chosen to wear this dress that she loves so much by Courtney Courtney… how fabulously does it go with the vibrancy of the temple? The painted mandalas on the floor were perfect for doing twirls in in Indy’s opinion!! I think she wore this dress nearly every day on holiday – although to be fair, she did change about 5 times every day!!! 

I keep saying more travel stories coming soon… the reality is the spinning plates of running a business and running a home and bringing up kids and doing the school run/parties/doctors visits/dancing classes etc etc means I rarely get around to editing pictures of my family, and my kids doing the things we love the most… my 2012 resolution is to stop work at a reasonable hour and to do more for us, to help preserve our family memories too, to edit pictures, just like these, of my sweetie pie, enthralled by somewhere we travelled to – so maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to see us in Cambodia, and Bangkok and on some of our other 2011 travels soon, 😉

Kirsty xx

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So beautiful!!! India must have been so magical!

Indy looks beautiful in her colorful dress – she’s going to be such an intelligent girl and already looks so mature!

Happy Travels!

i want learn photography…thank you

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