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Capture the Colour Competiton

I love travel photography, capturing our travels in pictures and words is what this blog’s all about, and Travel Photography’s where I started out – but these days my photos are often very different from the typical scenes you see on all the other travel blogs… these days mine are more about capturing my kids, capturing the moments, seeing our travels as they see them… at age 4 and 6 they might still be too young to remember lots of this, so as a photographer and as a Mummy it falls to me to help preserve their memories…

For this reason I was a little hesitant to enter this competition, but hell, life’s for living, and it’s all about your own perspective, right? That’s what makes travel so unique to each individual….

So, Travel Supermarket has this “Capture the Colour” competition – they’ve nominated 5 colours and you have to submit a picture per colour… not too hard, right? Apart from most of my pics being of my kids!!!! But here goes….


Istanbul, Turkey – the Süleymaniye Mosque, taken from near the spice bazaar, at sunset, through flags flying in the breeze… my kids were dancing in the square and trying to catch the flags – a moment of perfect light and peaceful bliss in a fabulously chaotic city.


Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic – the rain came down and it seemed a great idea to take the kids into the Marionette Museum, where we found lots of amazingly crafted puppets, a lovely lady so willing to share their stories, and this little chap who reminded me of Baldrick in the Blackadder TV programmes – the perfect way to wait for the rain to pass


The Andaman Islands, India – I could show you picture after picture of the amazing deserted white sand beaches we had all to ourselves in the Andamans, but to me this picture speaks of the perfect solitude we had there. Indy, aged 3 had been collecting her “treasures” all day and hiding them in the trees at the side of the beach – here she is showing off her favourite white shell – I love how the wind in her skirt and the long sleeves help to evoke the slight chill in the sea breeze.


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – one of the worlds fastest growing cities, and on the edge of the desert, less than half an hour from the glitz of the city centre, a rough and ready camel market site at a crossroads where buyers travel from across the Gulf and Saudi Arabia to purchase these highly prized possessions.


Bangkok, Thailand – I love to see our travels through the eyes of my kids and what talks to a child more about the wonders of Thailand than an amazing mural of an elephant on the wall of your hotel? my 3 year old was as fascinated by this as by seeing elephants in real life

(Hotel: Phanakorn Norlen)

So then I’m supposed to nominate 5 other travel bloggers – but as I don’t know any others well… I’m going to leave that blank – it wasn’t in the T&C’s… BUT if you’re a blogger, travel or otherwise and want to give it a go you’ve got a couple of days left – email me, or leave a comment and I’ll nominate you – and maybe I’ll make a new online friend too 🙂

EDITED: I now nominate my old mate Angus – pop over and see his blog about life in the Philippines – one day I need to go see him, his lovely family and this new life he’s made over there, but for now his posts just make me laugh (in the nicest possible way!)

Kirsty x

PS I wish there was a category for multicolours – if there was, these would be mine – my favourite pictures of Indy dancing on a mandala at a temple in Chennai, India 🙂


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These are amazing Kirsty! You have such a talent for capturing the life and vibrancy of a new place, I’m sure you will do well in the competition!

Stunning Kirsty!!! Love your travel images and enjoy hopping by here to get inspired! xx

Oh wow – i LOVE them all! I am certain that you will win! I absolutely love your perspective – you are so talented my friend! 🙂


Awww, thanks girls – it was fun to have a chance to go through all those photos that are sitting on my hard drive – too many to blog of our travels the last few years 🙂

Splutter! After wiping my tea off the keyboard and screen – whaddya mean you don’t know any other travel bloggers? If my picture of the Fanny Salon isn’t a class winner under ‘red’, I don’t know what is!
Angry, Davao!


Whoops Angus – sorry about that – and I think the use of the word “Fanny” also resulted in your comment going to spam!!! You’ve got a day left – throw up some pics and try your luck mate 😉

Enjoyed the colourful tour. Off to check out Angus.


Hi Kirsty,

You took part in our Capture the Colour competition in August last year and I’m getting in touch with you on behalf of Travelsupermarket.com.

We have had interest recently from some online press to create round-up gallery pieces using some of the top images from the competition.

Could you please get in touch with me – they’d like to feature the beautiful elephant mural one, but need a higher res.

Many Thanks, Steph

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