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Letter to say 新年快乐 Happy Chinese New Year

I’m missing China today – I love chun jie, the traditions, the food, the festive spirit, the firecrackers, the fireworks, the dancing, the singing, the craziness on the streets and the not being able to get a train anywhere even…. I love the the fact it takes over and everyone’s a part of it… celebrations […]

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Letter from Guangzhou…

Guangzhou… the city where we lived when our first baby was born – where we had our first family home – where we watched that baby learn to crawl, walk and talk… where we caught the first glimpses of the wonderful little person she’s becoming…… a place that helped form her appreciation for different places […]

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Letter from our summer

Summer 2011 – instead of heading back to England/Ireland as we sometimes do in the summer the three girls headed to Asia. There were several motivating factors… homesickness for the Far East, language skills, business admin to sort, a need to escape AD, and it’s crazy heat, catching up with friends, HKID maintenance, itchy feet, […]

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