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Letter from our summer

Summer 2011 – instead of heading back to England/Ireland as we sometimes do in the summer the three girls headed to Asia. There were several motivating factors… homesickness for the Far East, language skills, business admin to sort, a need to escape AD, and it’s crazy heat, catching up with friends, HKID maintenance, itchy feet, a need to be somewhere new and different, yet familiar being just a few….

What resulted was a whirlwind, crazy 6 day trip to Hong Kong, a night in Guangzhou, a month in Shanghai, a couple of nights in Bangkok and a week in Cambodia…. followed by a return to Abu Dhabi, rested and revitalised and ready to embrace the calm of Ramadan and some good quality family time before heading into a new school year, a year where Indy would join the foundation stage at school and Kirsty thought she’d get a grip on her business and stop running round like a headless chicken!!!! 

I’ll post more on each leg of the trip soon… 

We loved the whole trip – we loved exploring, the new experiences, the being able to chat away in mandarin, the change of scene did us all good – although we missed Tommy like crazy… and he did join us for the Bangkok/Cambodia part of the trip….

We came back to a blissfully quiet Abu Dhabi where we could indulge our revitalised selves with lazy beach trips and nothing too strenuous…..

(more beach pics on Kirsty’s work blog)

More of our summer coming soon…. Kirsty x


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What wonderful memories your girls are going to have having been lucky enough to have travelled all over the place! Such beautiful pictures…

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