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A taster of Morocco

We went to Morocco during the spring holidays, April 2011 – and it’s taken forever for me to get around to editing pictures – I’m still not there…. far from it… but in the interests of starting to document some of it and get the editing underway (other than the girls modelling shots!) I thought I’d push myself to put together a taster of what we saw….

we stayed in old converted riads

and explored the souks

where we came upon aladins caves

and other sparkly things

and we drank mint tea

and had olives for breakfast – much to Saffy’s delight…and we explored Roman ruins (Yeye would be so proud!)and played in fields full of wild flowersand we went to a tannery..and saw them making leather for the many, many shoes we sawand we played with kittens on the streetand we sampled the local beer and took an overnight trainand had ice cream, and the girls had their very first dip in the Atlantic Oceanand we shopped for carpets…but didn’t buy..and we crossed the Djemaa el-Fna, several times, day and night…and saw a medicine man, touting his  potionsand drank more mint teaand danced in any open space we found… of which there were many!And we got to spend time hanging out with Tommy 🙂and with KirstyAnd having cuddles together…..I’ll edit more and come back with more – soon I hope – and then maybe I’ll get to have a look through the pics of the girls and me on our summer in China and our trip to Cambodia!

Kirsty x

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Kirsty – I LOVe the images and the writing! It sounds like such an amazing trip and Indy and Saffy are so lucky that they get to travel to such amazing places with you !


It looks so fascinating – and the girls look so blissfully happy when travelling – can’t wait to see more pics from this trip – love always xx

LOVE! All the color and culture…I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, lucky girls.

I am lovin’it .

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