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Letter to say 新年快乐 Happy Chinese New Year

I’m missing China today – I love chun jie, the traditions, the food, the festive spirit, the firecrackers, the fireworks, the dancing, the singing, the craziness on the streets and the not being able to get a train anywhere even…. I love the the fact it takes over and everyone’s a part of it… celebrations in Abu Dhabi are much more subdued and tend to be conducted in peoples homes behind closed doors. Chinese New Year in China, or even in Hong Kong, just hits you in the face!!!

Saffy loves to celebrate Chinese New Year – she feels such an afinity for China – Indy too but not to the same extent but they know it’s something, a part of their make up and they love to sing Chinese songs and have dumpings and other favourite foods to celebrate. We have decorations up around the house too.

I need to find some time to go back through some past Chinese New Year pictures and post – but for now, here’s some goldfish to bring you luck and money for the following year – Happy New Year of the dragon.


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