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Late postcards from China to celebrate the new year

(Originally posted at www.kirstylarmourblog.com)

We celebrate Chinese New Year in our household – it’s really important to celebrate with our little Chinese girl, who wouldn’t ever let us forget it!!

Yesterday, for Chinese New Years eve the girls got to dress up in their special qipao’s and perform at a CNY dinner – I had such a proud Mummy moment as they bravely stood in front of 200 strangers and sang away in their second language and received the hugest cheer 🙂

I thought in celebration of Chinese New Year it’d be fun to share some pictures from when the girls and I spent a month in Shanghai last summer…..

I really can’t believe I never edited these till now…

This was in a little, quite touristy, water town on the outskirts of Shanghai….

2 little blonde girls in Chinese dresses attracted loads of people who wanted to take their photos… but they handled it all very well and they enjoyed playing on the stage and having fun with their beloved jie jie and mei mei (big sister and little sister) dolls (which came from an adorable little shop in our former hometown, Guangzhou called A Gift from China – their proceeds go supporting Chinese orphans and we have numeous items from there including jie jie and mei mei rucksacks which come on all our travels with us!)They don’t get many occasions to wear their Chinese dresses so they wore them again for their performance yesterday 🙂 The dresses came from an adorable little boutique in Shanghai called Chou Chou Chic

Xin nian kuai le 新年快乐, gong xi fa cai 恭喜发财, or for all my Hong Kong friends Kung Hei Fat Choi – hope you all have a wonderful year of the dragon!

Kirsty xx


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Those dresses are beyond cute! Love this set, I love the mood and the colors!!

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