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Postcards from the beach

As a photographer one of my major aims when taking pictures of my kids, especially on our travels is to capture the realness of the moment.. to capture emotion, to evoke emotion, to make people feel something of what we felt to be there, to capture some of the spirit…. because of the kind of places we tend to go I rarely take or process my images as black and white – I like people to see the vibrancy of what we see…. but I need to push myself in this area and see the world in black and white more.

This first image I took of Saffy almost 3 years ago – I’ve always loved it – it has that emotional connection to the beach – the salty, sandy, windswept curls, the bedragled, sea drenched plaits… 

The second image, as soon as I took, I knew it was the perfect compliment – it completed my set – it was more simple, just Indy looking out to sea, but again, there was an emotional connection to the place that was there without even seeing her face…Funny, how all that time on, the picture was there in my head all along…. and it turns out it was black and white… not showing the turquoise waters of the Andamans, or the golden sands of Abu Dhabi and it turns out black and white were just perfect for them too….

Kirsty x

PS these two are being printed out and hung on our walls – because of our semi-nomadic lifestyle I don’t actually put many pictures up – prefering to get them as albums which we’ll keep forever, but these two, now they’re a set, feel special….

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