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Letter from Saffy from India

Hello everybody,

This is my first blog post and I’m very excited to tell you about our trip to India for Holi. this is our first time going to Holi.

We went to Jaipur and one of the first things we saw after we arrived was a sign saying water is precious don’t waste it because in India there isn’t a lot of clean water.

We went to explore Jaipur and we had kulfi and we rode in an auto! I LOVE AUTOS!!!! 😀

We saw heaps of paint all bright and colourful ready for Holi. At Holi people throw paint and you’ll get covered in paint so wear your old clothes. We got covered in paint from head to toe, hair, nose and even more places then you could think of!!!

Indy still has some Holi paint in her hair which is impossible to get out!!!

We rode in lots of autos and we saw lots of cows in the traffic

and we rode in an Ambassador, which are very famous cars in India.
there are busy shops in jaipur and look at this one, busy right? well if you go to jaipur you will find shops just as busy!  Probably everywhere in Jaipur there’s shops selling these statues

Me and Indy went to the city palace Jaipur. It’s amazing, right? Yes. The first thing we saw was the cannon. and a big chandelier with a pigeon on it! My family took a picture in the biggest water jar in the world!!!the king used this to carry water from the river Ganges all over the world!!!

This is the peacock doorway at the city palace Jaipur and it is amazing! Your eyes would be bursting and nearly popping out!!!!

On the peacock doorway in the city palace Jaipur there is loads of pictures like the one of the two people above but my opinion on which one is the best is this one it’s always amazing at the city palace Jaipur. This is the golden door in the city palace jaipur it’s great but you can’t get through it … My cutie pie sister is at the city palace

We went to the palace of the winds and it was beautiful even with all The scaffolding on it was amazingThere is stained glass at the palace of the winds and its amazing you would stare at it open mouthed and pretend you edittid it different colours right? yes

The elephants are going to the amber palace but we walked up because we are fit and healthy people!  This is the mirrored ceiling in the amber fort.

i was named after this garden at the Amber Palace  which is called the Saffron garden and I love the name Saffron thank you mama for the name <3
We explored and climbed up and down stairsAnd Me and Indy went to an Anokhi Museum and we made prints that look like this below there amazing, right ? Yes

It’s easy to get lots of yummy vegetarian food in India  I had the biggest paper masala dosa in the whole wide world!!!!!!!

After we left Jaipur we went on a sleeping train and me and Indy went on the top bunk…very scary you could chop your fingers off. Ah !!!

We went to alwar and thought we saw a cow sleeping…it wasn’t it was a reindeer!!!

The hotel gave us cupcakes as were sick!  But then we got better for swimming
I loved India and I’ve been lots of times before and I always love it. Holi was the BEST fun ever and I loved this holiday and I hope we can go again.  I hope you enjoyed reading about our India trip, love from Saffy xxooxxooxxooxxoo

PS I took lots of these photos by myself but Mama and baba gave me some they took with instagram of me too so i could have some pictures of me in my blog post. xxoo

PPS Mama put some more pictures of us on the train on her work blog and you can see them over there xxoo


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Brilliant, blog post Saffy, it looks like you had a great time and it really makes me want to go to India!

What a lovely blog post Saffy! Looks like you had a fabulous time! 🙂 That Masala Dosa is indeed the biggest one in the whole wide world!


Loved reading your blog post Saffy! I always enjoy reading about your family’s travels and seeing the beautiful photos from your adventures. Keep writing! 🙂


I really enjoyed your blog, Saffron. India looks brilliant and I hope you can visit again soon. I am looking forward to reading your next blog. xxx

Fiona Redfern

LOVED reading about your adventures Saffy, looks like you all had such a great time. Next time I see Auntie Christine I will show her as I am sure she would love to see what you have been up to. Look forward to your next blog! xxx

Hi Saffy! This is Isabel, we met very briefly when you came to India. I loved your blog, your photos, all your adventures, congratulations!! Keep on writing, I´m looking forward to your next blog!

Wow Saffy, your trip looks and sounds absolutely amazing! I loved reading everything you wrote and just like your Mommy, you made me feel like I was traveling along with you. You are one lucky girl. Hugs and keep writing more. I will show your post to my daughters Lola and Olivia. I know they will enjoy it as much as I did.


Hi Saffy, I am nine years old and my mama knows your mama. I enjoyed reading about your India trip and the pictures. I also learned more about Holi. I have some questions… How could you have cut your fingers off in the sleep train? Was the pigeon real on the giant chandelier? I also like dosas and think it would have been fun to get covered in paint.

OH, My Saffy. What an incredible author you already are. I loved seeing your trip through your eyes. It looked like such a fun experience. I loved the paint everywhere, so beautiful and colorful. I can’t wait to see your next adventure.

Nai nai

A lovely account of somewhere special Saffy.well done,we really enjoyed reading it

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