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A letter from International Day

I love my kids school – under different circumstances I could see myself homeschooling, or even (shock horror) un-schooling… but right now, the school they go to is a pretty great mix of everything we want for their education at this stage… One of my favourite days is International Day where they learn so much about the diversity of their school community – in theory the kids get to dress up in their national dress… well so far Saffy has been Irish (country of her passport), Chinese (country of birth), Scottish (country of her mummy’s family) and this year Indian (country of her Grandmothers birth) and I’m fine with that – we’re bringing up international little citizens of the world and I’m all about embracing whatever she wants to celebrate! Indy has so far been Irish, and Chinese!

Here are my little international citizens this year!!

Till next time… Kirsty xx

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