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A Letter from Saffy from Summer 2013

Hi I’m Saffy I think doing blog posts are great after my last blog post [which was my first] all about India which was a fabulous country  which maybe you saw and maybe you’d like to go there now.Saffy-UK-blog-post-01

This summer we went to the UK so I’ll be writing about there today and you can also see some of our family. It was lovely to see them all. Instead of flying straight to London we changed plane in Bahrain and me and my mama went on a photo safari and saw these things that are different from our airport [Abu Dhabi airport] my favourite one was saffron syrup because it was my name yay!!! yay!!! yay!!!Saffy-UK-blog-post-02

We hired a car so we could go 2 hours away to near Cambridge, to The Red House which was our auntie Jo’s and uncle wil’s very big house which we liked very much. Once we got there the first people we saw were our granny and granddad, our cousin Ashton, our Uncle Wil and Doug the dog.  The garden was beautiful and had a few white butterflies which me Indy and my cousin Ashton liked trying to catch. After that we got wedding preparations ready because it was my auntie Jo’s and uncle wil’s wedding [which was the whole reason we went to England]

Then we went to check-in to our hotel which was called the lion hotel.it was very beautiful we loved how much room it had so we made some of the room to play with are new toys.

After that we went out for dinner with our family and our relatives. I don’t know what this thing means but it seemed very funny to me and my mummy but I think it means crouch down or bang into me!!!Saffy-UK-blog-post-03

The next day we awoke about 8’ clock in the morning and not like 6’ o clock and its good we didn’t awake at 2’o clock pm because the wedding was that time.

Indy and me were the flower girls with Uncle Wil’s nieces and we walked down the aisle first. They brought their dog Doug to the church too. Here are photos of me and Indy in our lovely dresses and us with Auntie Jo and Uncle WilSaffy-UK-blog-post-04

The next day was a great day there was a bbq. Me and Indy and Ashton were playing hide and seek with all the cousins from Uncle Wils family and we hid from the grownups.

The next day was a well a sad day because alllllllllllllllllllll our relatives and our family were going!!!Waaaaaaa waaaaaaaa.  But then we got to stay at red house yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!Saffy-UK-blog-post-05

The next day we went to London and we saw Buckingham palace and went to the natural history museum!!!   You would love it. My favourite was the dinosaur’s roarrrr!!! This is my favourite stegosaurus!!!Saffy-UK-blog-post-06

The blue whale was pretty awesome too, just look at the size of it pretty big right? awfully big!!!

The next day our auntie Jo and uncle Wil went on their honeymoon!!!and we went to London again that time we went to  the Tate modern and most exiting of all the London eye woo hoo!!! It was our Mummy and Daddy’s anniversary and we got a whole carriage to ourselves and the views of London were amazing.Saffy-UK-blog-post-07-Tate-ModernSaffy-UK-blog-post-08-London-Eye

After that we went to Hamleys the best toyshop in the world and we saw the queen and prince William and Princess Kate made out of lego and they were really big. And then we went for food in Chinatown and went home.Saffy-UK-blog-post-09

The next day we went to Nainai and Yeye (our Mama’s parents) new house for lunch and we went to our/their cottage in Yorkshire. There was a wasp nest in the chimney so we had to be careful!!!!!!!! We hung out in Yorkshire for a few days and we saw Auntie Shuba and her family, and we fed the ducks a lot because they live in our back garden there. Mama and Baba went out so we went on a picnic to a waterfall with nainai and yeye and we saw the weather stone too. Then we went to Malham cove to see the beautiful countryside and because Mama always went there when she was little and she wanted to take us – it was beautiful and was fun.Saffy-UK-blog-post-10

After that our Baba flew back home to Abu Dhabi, waaaaa 🙁 but the three girls got to go on a sleeper train called the Caledonian Sleeper – yeeeeaaaaah!! We slept in bunk beds, with me and my sister on the bottom and the man brought us breakfast in the morning, sleeper trains are the best fun.

We went to see our other cousins. Once we got to Aberdeen Uncle Ali picked us up, he is Mama’s little brother. And we went to Rebecca and Louise’s house and we played with them all day and we practised riding bikes without stabilisers and we saw their school.

The next day we went to a castle for a walk on a woodland trail, then we went to the beach in Aberdeen and we went on the crazy train and the Grampian eye and played at the beach.Saffy-UK-blog-post-11

Then we went to Nainai and Yeyes again. It took us three trains to get to there but they surprised us by meeting us and taking the third train with us and then we took them to Yo Sushi for dinner!!!!! Hurray, we love Yo Sushi!!!Saffy-UK-blog-post-12

Once we got to their home we just hung out and went for walks to the village and in the countryside and even made a new friend. We posted my hair at the post office in the village because I had it cut short at the start of the summer and I sent it to some people who make wigs for children if they are sick. We did some baking with Nainai, and made wonderful cupcakes with butterflies and flowers on top. We had a BBQ because the weather was good and we saw a sheep traffic jam on their lane.Saffy-UK-blog-post-13

And then we came home to Abu Dhabi because it was our Baba’s birthday and we made him a banner while we were at Manchester airport and on the plane.Saffy-UK-blog-post-14

The rest of the summer we just hung out in Abu Dhabi and did fun stuff like go to Yas Waterworld and went to the beach and pool a lot and had some sleepovers with our friends and did lots of fun stuff at home because Baba gets off work early in Ramadan. And we even had a campout in our living room and a glowstick bath and breakfast for dinner and went to see Despicable Me 2.Saffy-UK-blog-post-15

When we got back we went on a mini holiday to Hatta, and I learnt how to ride my bike without stabilisers and we explored the mountains.Saffy-UK-blog-post-16

This summer was the best summer ever and I had so much fun I can’t even remember it all, but my number 1 favourite thing of the whole summer was the wedding <3

Love from Saffy xxxxx

Pictures by me from my ipod and from Mama from her phone and some from her big camera, and all written by ME!!!

PS Mama says we’re not super fancy and didn’t pay for a carriage on the London eye to ourselves, it just happened by fluke and she thinks it made it the best anniversary present EVER!!!

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What a wonderful post Saffy! Reading it made me feel like I was traveling with you guys! Well done! Sending you all lots of hugs from the other side of the world! XOXO

Loved reading your letter Saffy!!! You are a great writer and I look forward to reading more!! -Courtney


Hi Saffy, I am Asia’mum. Asia was one of your little friends when you lived in Guangzhou and she has also your age. I like it a lot to read about your travels…and the funny thing is that Asia has done a lot of the same things as you did last summer! She also started to ride her bike without stabilisers, did some travels in Europe, but she didn’t cut her hair yet! Actually she wanted to see London bridge, but we haven’t made it to London yet. You went there?
Let us know about your next travels!

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