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Jordan Details

(originally posted at www.kirstylarmourblog.com)

My love of photography really blossomed through travel – and I’ve always loved to take lots of detail shots (ask my brother about my collection of photos of roman toilets!!).  At heart, I’m not really a landscape photographer and never will be. I love the close up’s, the nitty gritty, the colours, the textures, the random patterns, maybe the things other people don’t take photos of so much (hmm… like ancient toilets!!). Here are a few of my Jordanian detail shots.jordan09-15

jordan09-17I LOVE this one of the beads – and I’m wondering why I didn’t twist my husband’s arm to buy me some….???jordan09-19 Just looking at this salad again makes my mouth water – and the sheesha guy I saw on a wall one day and then made my sister in law drive back about 20 miles with me the next day so I could get a pic (thanks Jo!) – I wonder if he’s called Toto, or the artist?jordan09-20My Mum always takes pictures of flowers, wherever she goes, so these are for you Mum, to make you smile today.jordan09-21Updates on the beautiful children of Abu Dhabi will resume soon, I promise, so, until then, Kirsty x

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