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Letter from Kota kinabalu

It makes me laugh now – how naive we were… how we, the headstrong Tommy and Kirsty listened to other peoples advice, how we actually doubted ourselves…. when we had Saffy we were constantly told things like “oooh you’ll have to stop your galavanting now”, “you’ll only be able to go to nice resorts with kids clubs”, “make sure you always pick a place with a pool”, “no more third world countries for you two!!” (er, hello people, did you notice where we were living when we had Saffy????) “your backpacking days are over”, “you won’t be able to take baby on a plane until it’s 2 cos the pressure is bad for it’s skull” (to be fair I NEVER, not for ONE SINGLE SECOND believed that one – but it’s an example of the absolute tosh people come out with!!) not to mention the ridiculous advice about the stuff you need to take with you to travel with a baby – the sterilisers, the travel system, the toys, the this, the that, the million and one things that a baby couldn’t possibly live without… plus the fact that you’ll now always have to pay for 2 hotel rooms, pick places with babysitters, check menus to make sure it’s kid friendly… b;ah-di-blah-di-blah……

Soooooo, when Saffy was 3 month old we set off on our first international trip with her (the numerous trips up and down to Hong Kong before that don’t really count!!) – and to be fair, we went to Borneo… which is pretty adventurous with a baby, although Kirsty had been before so we’d picked a place where we knew what we were in for!! And we booked a few days break in a 5 star hotel.

Now I’m not knocking 5 star luxury.. I could easily lap it up every day – but I don’t neeeeeed it… and we quickly realised that even with a baby you sure as hell don’t need it…. and needless to say, much as we enjoyed it, we’ve rarely done it again since!!!

But for now, here we go with some pics of Saffy’s first trip on a plane (OMG her skull didn’t implode into a million pieces!), her first time in a pool, and her first trip to Borneo – I hope we make it back there again some day – and do something a little more adventurous!

Our Holiday to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, May 2006
Ready to set off from homethe first morning, on our room balcony with Mummy – we could not believe how blue the sky was….


first time in a pool!!








It says “Angel” on the front…. and on the back……..






me chilling out on the plane! 

first time on a slide



little dude!


me, Daddy and a scary pair of eyes…





all 3 Larmours


flower power chickette





waiting for the plane….first morning with Daddy




first trip to a beach!









with Daddy and my friend Honor



We did really have a lovely time – Kota Kinabalu is gorgeous, and the resort was fabulous, and we explored round and about a bit – and at the end of the day, we broke ourselves into travelling with our kids very gently with a nice easy first trip – and we’ve build from that foundation from then on!

Until the next letter, Kirsty x

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