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Letter from China – part 3

part 3 – the comedy signs and a map of where we went – the pics are a bit all over the place – ooops – can’t seem to import them better at the moment 🙁




Journey Facts and  Figures:
Planes taken: 2
busses 19
trains 7
taxis 17
electric cars 1
bycycles 2
boats 7
cable cars 1
trams 2
walks a lot

Comedy Signs we saw along the way….


Don’t lean out of your car window waving a wine bottle – means no drinking and driving!


old ladies OK, but not deformed people

Smoking and lighting fires strictly forbidden – meansprop yourself up against this sign and have a fag. also meanssit down and have a fag…
Gosh, really?  Some very nice sentiments
Some more nice sentiments…. And always remember to advocate those mint habits….


not quite sure what they’re suggesting here with this picture of our Queen…..
take your pick – they’re the same place! Means… don’t throw rubbish into the river of course!


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