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Letter from Hong Kong

Aaaaahhhhh Hong Kong – a city that stole my heart a very long time ago… it was like coming home… maybe it was coming home, despite the fact I’ve not lived there for 6 years… by the end of our first day there even the girls were asking if we could move there – it gets under your skin and they loved the hustle and bustle and life happening on the street – so very different to life in Abu Dhabi…

the girls loved the million different types of transport – in AD we take the car mostly, and sometimes a taxi or a bus… but nothing else… by the end of just the first day we’d taken a train, taxi, underground, ferry, bus and car… and the next day we jumped on the tram…

(the above is probably one of my favourites from the whole trip – some random photo group was taking pictures at the temple on Holywood Road as we walked past and asked her to model – she’d have never done this if I asked her!!! if you see any similar pictures of her on the net tell me so I can claim some royalties for her!!!)

we all felt happy and content there – even though in our 5 nights we slept in 3 different places!! (thanks to lovely friends who lent us their keys :D). I managed to do some business stuff that needed dealing with, we caught up with friends, lots of friends who all made a huge effort to get together with us and I even managed to squeeze in some mini-photo shoots.We took the Star Ferry and went to see the laser show

and got lucky enough to see the Duck-ling head out across the harbour at night

We took the cable car to see the big Buddha – boy had that place changed… I first went to see it the year it opened – almost 20 years later it’s a whole Buddha-esque theme park!!!

Aaaaaahhhh Hong Kong – I’m not sure I want to move back, but I know I sure do miss you…..

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I love seeing the world thru your eyes! Your girls are such lucky-ducks! xxx

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