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Letter from Lebanon Part 2

So, we made it through the nightmare flight…

and up the snow covered mountain and settled into the rather nice Intercontinental Mzaar. It’s a long, long time since I’ve booked anything as a package, but it was so ridiculously cheaper to do it this way than independently, and once the minor hiccips were sorted we started to relax and enjoy….

The second day of our trip to Lebanon was Indy’s birthday – she had been talking about skiing on her birthday for months and was so beyond excited – and then, it just wasn’t to be…. luckily she’s a pretty easy going kid and presents, time spent with not only Mummy and daddy, but also Nainai and Yeye, a swimming pool, snowmen and hot chocolate all kept her a pretty happy little missy on her birthday.

We started off with presents and chocolate cake for breakfast…

we continued the day with hanging out at the swimming pool…

and walks out to play in the snow and make snowmen…and more playing in the snow and snowball fights…

and hot chocolates – special ones for the grownups!!! 

And a birthday dinner of pizza, and more chocolate cake!!!

And the snow kept snowing….. just look how crazy piled up it is…. and it kept snowing….

and snowing, and the rest of the trip followed a very similar pattern….

And we made snow angels!!! LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of snow angels!!!

and we chilled and drank more hot chocolate….

and if you have fancy woolly mammoth boots (that are the cutest boots in the whole world according to her Mummy!!!) you need to look after them properly and brush them each day when you come in from the snow……

The food was pretty good – the breakfasts were fantastic, and every night I had yummy lentil soup!

One last play in the snow…. 

and finally, at the airport after we dropped the Grandparents off (they were spending an extra 3 days there to visit all the Roman sites!)  – we couldn’t go home without a bag full of baklava!!!

I won’t lie – it wasn’t the most fun, or most relaxing holiday ever – the constant hoping the snow would lift and the pistes would open, and the being altogether without the fun of the activity we came to do wasn’t quite how we planned it – but we were lucky that there were great facilities, and the snow was enough of a novelty to us all (us 4 anyway, maybe not the Grandparents!!!) that we could keep occupied and amused……

Lebanon, we will see you again, but we’ll be hoping for a trip that goes rather more to plan next time 😉



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I am ‘stalking’ your blog:) Chocolate cake for BREAKFAST? – that’s life! 🙂 Love your happy images!

I just love going through all these images and your adventures!

I love the snow…in particular, your snow pictures. Love them…so glad you got to make this trip after the trouble you initially had. What great memories and LOVE the angel in the snow…making snow angels xo

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