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Letter from Cesky Krumlov Castle

After breakfast in the hotel we headed off to the town square for a coffee…

Start the day with a latte in the town square? Yes please!!

On this day we headed to the Castle – of course the girls were expecting it to be full of Cinderella’s and Sleeping Beauties. It is HUGE – you can take one of 3 different tours, and in Czech or in your own language – well seriously, we had no idea which would be more interesting so plumped for one, and so as not to have to come back 5 hours later took the Czech one!! Ha ha!! Great plan!!!!

Unfortunately, you can’t actually take photos inside the castle, and that means I can’t really remember an awful lot of what was in there, but I will tell you that everything, yes, EVERYTHING is wired up to an electronic system so that you can’t steal it – with little signs reminding you that there’s an electronic system too. Now I have no idea if your typical Czech is a kleptomaniac but we because a little hysterically obsessed with looking out for this in each room (given we couldn’t understand a word of what was being told to us, and our oh so serious guide never once cracked a smile or let a single English word slip out!! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, it costs more to have a tour in your own language so he wasn’t going to let us get any words for free!!!) We were fascinated with just how everything was wired up – there were copper wires running around everything… any table set for dinner would have wires running round the plates, glasses and cutlery; a desk would have them around the inkwell and pens; ย a bedside table would have them round the lamps and books, and even the chamber pot; they went everywhere, and then fed off the back of the tables and down into a little a casing that ran along the skirting board of each room – believe me we studied this in detail!!! I wanted Tommy to touch something just to see if they were for real, which surely they were given the amount of effort that had gone into this intricate set up, but alas Tommy’s not the rule breaker in the family, that’s me, and I’m really not keen on electric shock treatment, and I could have imagined the guide putting me in the dungeons – he took his job that seriously!

So, we saw some nice pictures of old people, and saw how the bedrooms changed through the ages and the kids were totally grossed out by chamber pots (actually Saffy kept shushing us when we tried to explain things to her – she was listening intently to the guide, despite not having a clue what he said – I’m thrilled that she takes it seriously that she should listen to adults when they talk – I just wish she’d do it when we talk a little more!!!) And we wandered outside, which is amazingly painted, and was also freezing cold!!

There was a wedding happening in the castle right as we were thereAh, ย these two – they can be so cute and sweet together -we were hanging out waiting for our tour to start and they were hugging for warmth – they did a lot of hugging for warmth on this trip ๐Ÿ™‚ We did not pack for a cold European summer!!Hugging Baba for warmth!Pretty toes ๐Ÿ™‚And pretty fingers

Until tomorrow,


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Lol the wiring situation made me laugh, and sounded all too familiar. Think it’s the remnant of the soviet era when since everything was public property it was no ones and therefore it was “okay” to take it (obviously not, me just trying to rationalise it). And also everything for foreigners is always more expensive as they are still perceived as “capitalists”. Great pics as always!

I’ve been fantasizing about visiting Cesky Krumlov for over 10 years since a friend of mine took a gap year through Europe. Love the cobblestone streets and candy-coloured buildings. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hahaha, the part about the security in the castle had me laughing so hard! I was there in 2010 and it wasn’t like that — wonder what changed — we took photos as I recall too.

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