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Letter from Autumn 2012

And so, as summer passed by we slipped back into the routines of school and work, and all the extra fun that goes with both and travel plans went on hold again…. until the Eid holiday that was… where we took ourselves off to the mountains of Fujairah, or was it Oman, or even Ras Al Kaimah camping, sometimes you just can’t tell where you are as you wind your way up those mountain roads – but oh what bliss it was….

It’s no secret that I’m a mountain girl – I go slightly stir crazy when I don’t see them for a while – I LOVE the sand dunes, and I’m pretty content with a gorgeous beach, but nothing beats mountains.  So, off we took for a couple of nights… driving up wadi’s and across plateaus and finding perfect camping spots…

I’m so thrilled that the girls love it so much too (I wrote more about it in my November Project 10 and showed more of the journey over there) they couldn’t be happier than when off with their toilet roll binoculars, climbing up mountains by themselves, being given independence that we just can’t give them here in the city and then coming back down for marshmallows on a campfire…

I adore this picture – it became the girls holiday card this year!!!

I should sell this one to Explorer!!!Nothing beats sightseeing from the top of your car!!My favourite of my little mountain goat explorer!!

And if you’re up for a few more pictures of our camping trip and our beautiful UAE Mountains there’re some on my November Letter to the girls too…

More 2012 updates coming soon, Kirsty xx


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