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Letter from Last August (2012)

It’s sad to say but despite all my best intentions life always seems to get in the way and I never quite seem to manage to keep this blog totally up to date 🙁 Last year we managed some fabulous travels which I’ve still not blogged – but that’s nothing, I still have so much from the year before to blog, and edit photos for – this is the problem with doing photography for a living…. when you want a break from photography that also means from the personal projects…. but in an attempt to stay vaguely up to date I’m going to spend a few nights adding in some photos and very quick, rough updates of the latter part of last year, before I get back to finishing off our European travels of Summer 2012…..

Sooooo….. August saw us back in hot steamy Abu Dhabi – which meant lots of beach and pool trips -T’s parents also came to visit which was even more of an excuse for sitting around and doing not very much!

You can also see some more of our August in my Project 10 over on the work blog, and some instagram pictures of our August here in my monthly Letter to the girls,

Until next time… Kirsty xx

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