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Letter from Prague Castle

Prague Castle, the biggest castle  complex in the world – full of mystery and history, and tourists, and rain….. man alive it was COLD! And did I mention before about how we had no waterproofs? Yup, we still didn’t!!! And we still didn’t have enough warm clothes (my rather sensible (I thought!) idea of hitting H&M and buying us all an extra long sleeved top was vetoed by T – the shopping party pooper – who kept assuring me that this freak cold front would pass – which of us has a degree in Geography??? I digress again, but remembering the crazy cold affects me like that!! Of course the other more sensible reason was because we didn’t have room in our 1 suitcase!) 

But we went, and it WAS big and impressive, and impossible to see it all so again, we were selective… to be honest, I barely remembered any of it from the last time I went so it all felt new to me.

We started at the St. Vitus Cathedral with it’s pretty impressive stained glass windows and tombs and carvings.We then headed into the Castle itself which i think the girls liked for the winding staircases and impressive ceilingsThe St. George’s Basillica  was next but lots of it was under renovation… and then we reached Golden Lane – which was mobbed! And was for tiny people! 

And that’s about it from the castle – next up… the toy musem!!

Kirsty x





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Been meaning to make a trip to Prague! Thank you for the gorgeous images! Now I can’t wait to go! xx

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