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Letter from Prague Castle

Prague Castle, the biggest castle  complex in the world – full of mystery and history, and tourists, and rain….. man alive it was COLD! And did I mention before about how we had no waterproofs? Yup, we still didn’t!!! And we still didn’t have enough warm clothes (my rather sensible (I thought!) idea of hitting H&M and […]

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Letter from Prague

So, the next day we did what every Prague tourist does and headed out across the Charles Bridge with the masses of others…. bearing in mind, as I said, the last time I was in Prague it was still Czechoslovakia – it was pre the days of Easy Jet flights and stag night parties, pre package […]

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Letter from the train to Prague

The following day we had breakfast at our guesthouse – the kids loved this – our place didn’t have a dining room so they brought breakfast to you on trays and we ate picnic style on the floor 🙂 After breakfast we took the train from Cesky Krumlov to Prague – this should have actually […]

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