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Letter from the train to Prague

The following day we had breakfast at our guesthouse – the kids loved this – our place didn’t have a dining room so they brought breakfast to you on trays and we ate picnic style on the floor ūüôā

After breakfast we took the train from Cesky Krumlov to Prague Рthis should have actually been 2 trains, but ended up being 2 trains and a bus in the middle!!! We experienced the matching t-shirt pissed up stag night parties that the brewery towns of the Czech Republic are famous for in the middle of this journey too Рwhich made for an amusing diversion in the middle of our transport diversion! 

I love taking trains – they are without doubt my number 1 favourite form of transport – you can walk around (well unless that involves squeezing past the stag parties in cramped corridors!!) – there’s no map reading, no need to stop for food or toilet breaks, you can sleep, read, play games – someone else is doing all the hard work – my enjoyment of train journeys is ironic given I’m probably the only person I know who’s been in a train crash!! And yet I still feel totally safe on a train! Anyway, my love of trains makes me digress….

We arrived in Prague and took a series of trams across the city to find our guesthouse which was over in the happening castle district – right opposite the German Embassy and it’s magnificent doors.

We hung out there for a while, waiting for Tommy’s sister to arrive from her flight from England before we headed off for food, beer, and some time hanging out at a playground with a magnificent view…

tomorrow we explore Prague – and I’m excited… the last time I was here it was still¬†Czechoslovakia!!!

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