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A letter from Saffy from Lapland

Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Let’s ski! I’m Saffy and I want to tell you all about my trip to Finland as we went there over the Christmas holidays. Be ready because before you begin you will need to have your stockings out, after all it will be Christmas while we’re there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway I’d better get on with the blog post so here it goes.

When we went to Finland we went to Dubai to be at the airport. Our plane left at 6:00am and we had to get up at 1:00 am!! Can you believe it??? Neither can I. Anyway we had to do all those stuff you do in the airport and then hurray we were on the way to Finland!!!Saffy-Finland-blog-post-01

We flew to Helsinki and enjoyed the day there and then Da Da Daaaaa!! One of my favourite things to do…. We went on a sleeper trainSaffy-Finland-blog-post-02When we got off we went to a town named Levi and the next day we went skiing! Whoopee! We went on a chair lift, went on a gondola and did the button lift. I nearly fell asleep! Oh and I skied with sticks!! That was so much fun not to mention losing skis on jumps or falling over on the caterpillar!!! That wasn’t fun at all. I love skiing and one day Mama and I skied past some reindeers – I think that was one of Mamas favourite things of the whole holiday 😀Saffy-Finland-blog-post-03

Next we saw Father Christmas now that was super. We rode on a sleigh with him and I loved it, especially steering Rudolph as I was the only one who got to do itSaffy-Finland-blog-post-04

It’s Christmas day I got a doll that was like me and some Lego and we got to ski. what did you get???Saffy-Finland-blog-post-05

It was very cold in Lapland and it snowed a lot but it was OK because everywhere we stayed had a sauna and we warmed up every day when we got back! And also we had lots of hot chocolate to warm us up 😀Saffy-Finland-blog-post-06It was also funny how all the Finnish people thought that me and Indy were Finnish girls and so we couldn’t understand when they spoke to us!!!

We were staying in a log cabin next and we built a snow girl named snowflake here is what she looked like. We explored the forest a lot in Lapland.Saffy-Finland-blog-post-07

Afterwards we just went on a sleeper train to Helsinki and hung out there for the day and we went to a toy museum and did a gnome hunt on an island there. We got up at midnight and watched fireworks and then got up at 5am to go on the plane back to Dubai.Saffy-Finland-blog-post-08

I hope you enjoyed the blog post and enjoy the next one from wherever our travels take us in 2014, love Saffy xxooxxooxxoo.

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What a wonderful post Saffy! We felt like we travelled to Finland with you! I cannot even imagine how fun it was go to for a sleigh ride with Father Christmas and to see RUDOLPH! Mia and Alexa also got Lego Friends for Christmas!




What a super awesome place to spend Christmas! You both look so cute in your winter woolies. Thank you so much for the beautiful tree ornaments. They are very special because they came from you. xoxo Janine, Drew, Will & Jesse.

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