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Letter from Holi, Jaipur, India

These pictures are well overdue (but aren’t the ones of most of our travels???). We went to Jaipur for Holi, otherwise known as the festival of colours last March (March 2013) and as time went on I challenged myself to get these up in time for Holi this year – which is next week!!! So here we go…. you can read a little about what Holi is here but it’s basically a Hindu festival to mark the end of winter and welcome the abundant colours of spring – hence, the bright colours everywhere… it really is quite a sight to see and experience – here are some of our pictures – and tomorrow I’ll post some more of us taking part in the celebrations and a video 😀

Walking the streets of Jaipur there’s coloured paint on sale everywhere…


Even before the festival properly starts there’s paint on the floor outside the temples where people have started getting into the spirit of things…
Larmour---Holi-India-02The girls got their first bits of Holi colourLarmour---Holi-India-02aLarmour---Holi-India-03Larmour---Holi-India-03bThey joined in with locals Larmour---Holi-India-04And we bought out own colours to join in the fun – the girls were quite particular about what colours they wanted!!!Larmour---Holi-India-05

I’ll post some more pictures of us and a video of the Holi celebrations later,

Until then… kirsty xx

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