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Letter to hold me accountable!

Life gets so busy and I had such high hopes for an amazing record of all our travels – has it happened? Nope, jobs, school, errands, life in general all get in the way and one of the major problems of working with photography for a living is that you don’t always want to do it in your down time! Sometimes I want a break from the PC! Maybe I need to get Tommy and the girls to write up more of our travels and then I only need to edit pictures…

We’re sorting out our plans for summer 2012 – and I can’t wait for the trip we have planned which will be so different from so many of our recent trips – but I feel so bad that I still haven’t blogged pictures and stories from Morocco, Easter 2011, Shanghai, Bangkok and Cambodia, summer 2011, Oman, India and our recent girls trip to Turkey (although you can see some from India and Turkey on my work blog!). So, here, to get me started are some pics from last years various travels and in the quiet of the summer and Ramadan my target is to get to work on everything else and bring us right back up to date – it’s a tall order to document so many travels… but I’m going for it!!!! Feel free to email me and hassle me and hold me accountable!Magnets in Marakech

The Bund sightseeing tunnel – ShanghaiMao Statues at Dong Tai Lu antiques market – Shanghai

Roadside petrol station – Cambodia

Mural on our hotel wall – Bangkok

The Hajar Mountains – Oman

Roadside samosa vendor – Andaman Islands, India

Evil eye magnets – Istanbul

And then I’ll get round to bringing the remaining posts from our old website back over here too!!

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Exotic, as always. Now I’m craving roadside Samosas.

Don’t be so hard on yourself…you have THE most amazing pictures of your travels with your girls. They will thank you over and over again…I thank you because without them I wouldn’t be inspired to get off my butt and want to travel. You are an awesome mum and you document your lives so incredibly well…xoxo

These are stunning photos, every one of them put a smile on my face 🙂

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