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Letter about the everyday – curry

So, apart from the fact that I should be updating the blog more with more of our *Ah-Maze-Ing* (I say this VERY tongue in cheek!!!) holiday snaps and recording all that we did and how we did it and all that – I also think I should include more of the every day stuff – so no pressure on myself, at all!!! Just the little stuff that makes us, us…. and to remember that stuff… and to remember those more every day moments of our life in Abu Dhabi, cos we won’t be here forever…… I mean things like that at the weekend we trundled off to our local “nice” Indian restaurant – we have local bog standard places right beside our building, and we have our local super fancy Indian restaurant (called Indigo, no less!!) a street away in one of the 5* hotels (cos they’re the only places Mummy can have wine with her meal!!) but our fave just regular nice Indian place is just right across our block – I am not kidding, we are SO lucky living slap bang in the middle of the crazy busiest area of town in so many ways!  (although I am also very aware of it’s limitations!!!) soooooo, off we popped – I only snapped these pics on my phone cos it just made me laugh how the kids just get down to it – Indian food means eat with hands! And off they went – koftas, kebab from the tandoori, daal, roti’s, and a scrummy paneer tikka masala all mixed up with rice up to their arms!!!

and what I love is that this is something that they probably wouldn’t do if we hadn’t been to India so often, and they didn’t feel so comfortable eating curry  – and I’m a very happy Mummy that they love curry!!!

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