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    Come on in... here you’ll find bits and bobs about us, The Larmours, our life, where we live, what we do, and most of all, about our biggest shared family passion – our travels. This is a record for us, a place for us to share pictures and ramblings on what we’ve done and where we’ve been, but you’ll find occasional blethering about other things too.

    We met in Hong Kong, and since then have lived and worked all over Asia before settling in China, where our Saffy arrived and then moving to the UAE where Indy joined us. Since we met we’ve travelled – since we married we’ve been on an adventure – since we had kids it hasn’t stopped… ultimately, all our small travels were preparation for the big one – that one day we hoped to take – a gap year, a sabbatical, a break from the daily grind – and starting 2014 we took off on it..... across the world, and then on a road trip that has taken us to three continents so far.....

    Grab a cup of tea and come exploring with us,
    Kirsty, Tommy, Saffy and Indy xxxx

A note about the Summer 2016 Rail Trip

So, in the summer of 2016 we took a different kind of overlanding trip…. The Epic RAIL trip – I’d love to say I’ll blog it, but seriously, don’t hold your breath since I’ve yet to blog our Epic Road Trip!!

This trip took us over 13,500km (8,500 miles) by rail from Hong Kong to Manchester in England – via the Trans Siberian Railway (via Mongolia) and we spent 2 months on the journey – Kirsty and the girls spending a month in China, before Tommy joined us in Beijing to travel to England with us (he then headed back to Abu Dhabi a few days before us and we spent time with family in England)Epic Rail Trip

It was fabulous, and exhausting, and uplifting, and frustrating, and crazy hot, and wintery cold, and delicious and gross, and pretty much every kind of emotion you could experience on one trip!! And of course we loved it (not every single minute, but in general!!)

Here’s a map of our route – I’ll be posting a video of the route soon so watch out for that too:D


Until then, Kirsty xx


I would love love love to talk to you. Dream of doing the same other way i 2018

Oohh what a great adventure!i have been dreaming about doing the transiberian for a long time. I think I will wait until my kids are a old are yours so we can all enjoy it.


Feel free to drop me a message :D

What a fantastic trip! you must have so many memories from it! And great photos too!

The Epic Road Trip – Our Route!

So finally I’ve managed to plot a map for the whole road trip! (Including a couple of flights to renew visas in Abu Dhabi and the side trip to Tanzania) I wish I could plot it totally accurately following the roads and routes we took, but I’ve done my best! And it roughly covers it – with a list of places visited along the way below (and some we didn’t visit, but I added to try and keep the route as accurate as possible;))

When you look at it like this it looks like we covered such a tiny part of the world!!! But it felt huge at the time:D

Enjoy following our route,
Kirsty xx

PS And if you want to see where else we’ve been on other trips – pop over to the “Where we’ve been” Page!

So, finally, I’ve managed to plor S

Letter to say Merry Christmas 2015

So we ended 2014 in the UK with family and set off on more travels. Our year of travel and the Epic Road trip ended up with us travelling for a full year on the road – we visited 40 countries (admittedly some only for 1 night to just pass through and 4 of those we flew to!). We drove 60,000km in our beaten up old car, Nellie, from Abu Dhabi, to Europe, down to Morocco, back across Europe, into Russia and then across Central Asia before heading back to Turkey to make a side trip to Tanzania before the final leg back through Iran and across to the UAE again. We spent almost 2 months in Morocco, a month in Turkey, a month in Uzbekistan and another between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan as well as a month in Iran – we were so lucky to be able to spend extended periods of time in some countries that you might usually only manage a fleeting holiday.

I want to blog SO MUCH! I want to share so much beauty… the beauty of the people we met, the places we visited, the lives we interacted with, the fun we shared as a family. The architecture, the mountains, the food, the culture, the languages, the landscapes, the history…. I want to tell about how travelling the Silk Route was a dream come true for me… I want to blog about how world schooling worked out so amazingly for our family… I want to blog about how we juggled everything, including work, and stayed sane – for believe me, there were definite “moments” where we questioned it!!! I want to blog about how we stayed healthy and managed being vegetarian on the road, especially in very meat eating countries like those in Central Asia. I want to give a HUGE shout out to each and every friend that fed us, watered us and housed us on our trip or went out of their way to meet up with us in a variety of random locations, because those friends are nothing short of awesome – I want to throw hugs across the internet to all those who cheered us on, who left messages of encouragement and called and emailed and kept in touch as we went – they helped us keep our sanity from time to time. I want to share about how beautiful the people of the world are and how we encountered kindness everywhere we went… but it’s Christmas Eve, and I have a million things to do and I want to hang out with those 3 wonderful souls I just spent a year living in a car with!!! So, in lieu of hours and hours to put in at a computer I’ll just link up to a few interviews I’ve done since we got back that will give some insight into some of our experiences if you’re interested.

Motherland – Globetrotting with Kids: A (Family) life less ordinary

Mr Fox – Reclaiming Saturdays: A Family on the Road

TAP Talks – with Kirsty Larmour, photographer and traveller (I admit, I’ve not watched this one, watching myself might make me feel sick!!!;))

And those future blog posts, when I do get to them, will be linked on our Letters from the Larmours facebook page so I’d love it if you followed us over there, or on my Instagram, which is the best place ever to follow what we’re up to!! There will of course be lots and lots of pretty pictures from all those corners of the world!!

2016 will bring more adventures, both local and further afield and some super exciting professional news for Kirsty as well as new projects for Tommy so watch this space!!

For now, I’ll leave you with our best Christmas wishes and send loads of happiness for 2016 and some pictures of us in our Abu Dhabi happy place, the desert, which is exactly where we’ll be spending Christmas day tomorrow,

lots of love, Kirsty, Tommy, Saffy and Indy, Christmas 2015 xxxx

Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_01Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_02Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_03Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_04Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_05Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_06Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_07Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_08Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_09Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_10Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_11Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_12Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_13Letters from the Larmours_family travels 2015_14

Photos by me taken on a tripod and self timer in the desert – not the easiest ever, haha!!

3 girls dresses from our absolute favourite CourtneyCourtney and Tommy’s t-shirt with pretty much our life slogan on it from Sevenly <3 <3 <3


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