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A Letter – we’re ready to go!

We’re ready to go! Off on the big adventure we’ve talked about – the one all the other trips have been preparing for! We had a chance and we grabbed it… our stuff is going into storage – or at least what’s left of it – we’ve sold a lot and given a lot away and have ended up with less than when we moved to the UAE 6 1/2 years ago!!! Not bad!! We’re heading first to the USA for Kirsty to do some work as we go, and then Cuba, and then…. watch this space, the wheels of our long planned epic road trip are hopefully in motion….

For now though here’s our 2 little explorers on an adventure closer to home…Liwa-Castle-Abu-Dhabi-01

I’d love to say I’ll update from our travels, but lets be realistic, I’ll probably be too busy enjoying them and soaking every moment up… you can follow them on instagram though as that’s usually my social media of choice these days, or maybe on our FB page (link over there —>) and I’m sure some pictures will feature on my biz blog www.kirstylarmourblog.com (I’ll also be doing photo shoots along the way if you’re interested) and maybe over on Clickin Mom’s Daily Project

Until next time, somewhere in the world…. Kirsty xx

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Yay!!!! I can’t wait to see – please post pics sometimes 😀


So excited for you!!!!!!!! this is HUUUUGE!!!!!


Following you on IG and loving seeing your travels – always amazing

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