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A Letter from 2014 | Part 1, the start of the year

Aaaaah, 2014… the year of travel – the year of upheaval, the year of chaos and yet also the year of realising a dream…. I totally intended to have these posts ready and up on the blog before Christmas – before I sent out Christmas cards to friends far and wide so they could come and read (if they so wanted) when they got that tiny update – but alas, we were actually so busy enjoying our travels and catching up with family and friends that it never happened… so here we go, the first of three instalments.. I’ll try to keep it brief, but really, it’d take me another year to cover all we did in this remarkable year!!!

The year started off with us in Finland – We’d been to see the real Father Christmas, who was nothing short of magical, and to ski, and yes, skiing in Finland is actually really good…¬†01-Letters-from-the-Larmours---Lapland02-Letters-from-the-Larmours---LaplandThe year continued in Abu Dhabi – us hanging out, doing our usual stuff, y’know, going to the camel races and stuff like that!!! ūüėČ
And of course lots of desert trips….03-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Abu-Dhabi-desertThe girls both celebrated their birthdays and had a joint Hip-hop party at their dancing class04-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Abu-Dhabi-desert05-Letters-from-the-Larmours-birthdays-Abu-Dhabi-desert06-Letters-from-the-Larmours-birthdays-Abu-Dhabi-desert07-Letters-from-the-Larmours--Abu-Dhabi-desertThe end of March saw us head to Hong Kong for a few days of catching up with wonderful friends, lots of reminiscing and lots of wondering if we could ever live there again… the 2014 travel seed was well and truly planted by this time… at the end of 2013 we’d had the news that an international move we’d been hoping/waiting for had been called off – in light of that we were weighing up options on what we might do instead to see more of the world and spend more time with the girls without the pressures of life/work/activities which tend to pull us all in different directions….08-Letters-from-the-Larmours--Hong-KongFrom Hong Kong we headed to Bali. Those of you who know Kirsty well will understand that¬†this was a really¬†tough¬†time – both in the run up, and whilst there, a lot of tears were shed, but we¬†were able to laugh through the tears and tell the girls some great stories, and¬†leave with a little more peace… well Kirsty anyway, Tommy left Bali with 10 stitches in his head – ouch!¬†09-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Bali10-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Bali11-Letters-from-the-Larmours-BaliThe girls had their first try on a motorbike and their first try at surfing too! And they made firm friends with Audrey, daughter of Kirsty’s friend Rowe who we were lucky enough to stay with.12-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Bali13-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Bali14-Letters-from-the-Larmours-BaliAnd so we headed back to Abu Dhabi, via HK again!

15-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Hong Kong Abu DhabiBack in Abu Dhabi school and dancing classes took over and the travel ideas ticked away in our minds – knowing that maybe this was our time to take off and see the world with the girls, but not quite knowing when or how or where to do it….16-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Abu DhabiBy the end of the school year we knew we had a chance, maybe a once in a lifetime chance and we had to take it. We’d always said we’d take some time out to travel, possibly a year, but maybe more or less, before the girls got to High School and suddenly the travel gods started smiling upon us… things started coming together that meant a natural break was coming… it left us with under 2 months to plan, to sell/store/organise our stuff and hit the road!! Eeeeeek!!
17-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Abu DhabiAnd with those plans in mind we hung out in Abu Dhabi for the summer – which meant plenty of pool time… the odd night in a hotel to break up the school holidays and the quietness of Ramadan and a huge clearout!!!!¬†17-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Abu-Dhabi18-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Abu DhabiThat stripey inflatable ring above ^ best AED20 I’ve ever spent!!!!18-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Abu-Dhabi19-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Abu-Dhabi20-Letters-from-the-Larmours-Abu-Dhabi

By the time August came, and our 10th wedding anniversary (celebrated at Jumeirah 360) we were giddy with excitement and filled with trepidation – were we doing the right thing? What about school? What about all our stuff? What about Kirsty’s business? Tommy’s work gave him 6 months, and off we went…..

To be continued in Part 2!

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Anxiously awaiting part II. Love love love all the photos and seeing the world thru your eyes Kirsty!

Katie Corner

What a stunning diary. One you will all treasure in times to come. Utterly inspired by your adventures and hope opportunities arise in the same way for us. Thinking of you often and sending love always. K x


What a fantastic journey you have begun! Just love these beautiful images, they help to transport us there!! xo


Love it Kirsty! Can¬īt wait for part 2!

Louise Zabriskie

You have done such a beautiful job of documenting your travels! Each shot is so unique and lovely! Thanks for sharing your journeys.

Karen Williams

Can’t wait for the next installment and no wonder so many tears were shed in Bali. But you will be glad to have remembered (I am sure) some very very good memories of a truly dear and funny person.

Debbie Wibowo

I really enjoy following your adventure…Beautiful and made my heart stopped!


I wish we where more like you guys . What a fab experience and I am only on part 1 . Keep us posted . Hope everyone is well.

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